Interview with Dr. John Blossom from Disaster Prepareness

>> Friday, September 11, 2009

Dr. John Blossom, a board certified family physician with many years of experience working in Community Health Centers (CHCs), is a Professor of Clinical Family and Community Medicine at UCSF Fresno and teaches regularly in CHCs in the Central Valley. Dr. Blossom is a member of several workforce collaboratives both in the state of California and nationally, including the HRSA Bureau of Health Professions and Bureau of Primary Care taskforce on workforce in CHCs. In addition to directing the California Area Health Education Center (AHEC), he founded the California Preparedness Education Network (Cal-PEN) and has directed the disaster preparedness training activities in under-served areas since 2003.

UCTV: What prompted you to incorporate disaster preparedness education into your professional life?

Dr. John Blossom: A visionary federal employee in the HHS, Terri Spear, created the content for a grant to provide disaster education to health professionals. I, of course, was more or less familiar with some of the risks we face and, like everyone else, still had vivid 9-11 memories...

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Disaster Preparedness: Behind-The-Scenes Photos

>> Thursday, September 10, 2009

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos from Disaster Preparedness for Health Professionals.

UCTV Producer Jennifer Ford (left) and Dr. John Blossom
check out the monitors and prep for the day’s shoot.
Photo by Peter Kreklow

Producer Jennifer Ford (left) interviews Dennis Amundson, CAPT
Photo by Peter Kreklow

A view from behind the camera
Photo by Peter Kreklow

The UCTV crew shooting on location, Calit2 studio, UC San Diego
Photo by Andy Hall

(From left) Patty Skoglund, RN, Dr. John Blossom,
and Producer Jennifer Ford doing some pre-interview prep.
Photo by Peter Kreklow